Mali is Murkekow's causin that is Lugi's brother and Bakste's friend. He come from the pirated game Super Mario 17 FIGHTING OF THE MALILUGI. his rival is Xari but he doesn't appear on the game. He own's a group called the Super 17 which is his fakerkekow killing gang He also come's from Mali Boss and Pocker Mali. His name come's from a game called Ma Li 12 AKA a yoshi's cookie clone.


Playable MaliEdit

This is the form directly from SMB17, Mali use's this form to throw crate's faster and harder.

Mali BossEdit

Mali's bigger form and with a weapon. He use's his hammer to kill recolor's and fakerkekow's with a powerful swing.

Pocker MaliEdit

There are two form's, the purple form show's Mali is friendly or hunting. He cannot do anything in this form but walk around.

The red form is Mali's attack form, he will challange you to a block game, if the block's touch your side, they will close in on you and kill you, If they reach mali's side, the game will end and mali will find a less challanging victm.

Toon FormEdit

In this form, Mali can throw crate's at lightning speed. They are vary fast and will tear off anything it come's in contact with.

Gallery of form'sEdit